Skip the Flu Shot Pregnancy Myth

The truth is just the opposite. “Flu vaccination is very important,” said Nancy Chescheir, a clinical professor of maternal/fetal medicine at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Some pregnant women worry that the vaccine might give them the flu, while others fret that preservatives in the vaccine may hurt their unborn baby. In […]

Drano and urine myth

Here’s an interesting myth you might want to try. In a disposable container, mix Drano and the mother’s urine. If the urine turns green, you are going to have a girl. If it turns blue, you are going to have a boy. Baby boys have always been associated with all things blue, so maybe this […]

Skin Myth

If you have acne and skin blemishes during your pregnancy, you are going to have a girl. If you have dry hands and cold feet, you are going to have a boy. It is said that your little girl is stealing your beauty, and that’s what causes your skin problems!

Hairy legs myth

If your hair grows back at a more rapid speed than normal, you are going to have a boy. This would make sense because boys naturally have more hair and a more rapid hair growth compared to girls. A mother would probably think this rapid hair growth is inconvenient during a pregnancy!

Heart rate indicator myth

If your heart rate is under 140 beats per minute, you’re having a boy. If it’s over 140 beats per minute, you’re having a girl. This might be because girls are thought of as more needy and stressful!

Bread Myth

It is said that when you are pregnant if you eat the ends of your bread you are more likely to have a boy. Compared to if you only eat the middle you are more likely to have a girl. Maybe this is why boys are more rough around the edges?

Wooden spoon, scissors, and a pink bow Myth

Everyone thought girls were made from sugar, spice, and everything nice. But the Old Wives say we’ve got the recipe all wrong. According to their cook book, putting a wooden spoon and a pair of scissors under your bed and a pink bow under your pillow will bake you a beautiful baby girl!

Key Experiment Myth

It is said that the key to determining the gender of your baby is literally, a key! Rumor has it that if you drop a key in front of a pregnant women and she picks it up by the narrow end its a girl. If she picks it up by the round end, its a […]

Hands Myth

Heres a “handy” trick to finding out if your baby is a boy or girl! If a pregnant woman shows you her hand palm up, it is said to start buying pink. If she shows you her hand palm down, go for the blues and little toy trucks.

Sleeping Position Myth

Depending on which side you sleep on at night is said to determine if you are having a boy or girl. Sleeping on your left is more likely to correlate with boys while sleeping on the right means you will have a girl. I guess this is because the woman is always right, right?