Common Fears of Giving Birth

The day of birth is an incredibly joyous moment, but also can be frightening. If you are an expecting mother, you are not alone in feeling nervous and scared for the big day. According to Baby Center, the following are the most common fears from pregnant women: Giving birth before making it to the hospital […]

Early Signs of Pregnancy

It is definitely hard to tell whether or not you’re pregnant at the very beginning. However, a combination of side effects will help in determining, besides a pregnancy test. According to Baby Center, after six weeks into pregnancy, women tend to have most of the following symptoms: Missed period- changes in the menstrual cycle could […]

Drano and urine myth

Here’s an interesting myth you might want to try. In a disposable container, mix Drano and the mother’s urine. If the urine turns green, you are going to have a girl. If it turns blue, you are going to have a boy. Baby boys have always been associated with all things blue, so maybe this […]

Skin Myth

If you have acne and skin blemishes during your pregnancy, you are going to have a girl. If you have dry hands and cold feet, you are going to have a boy. It is said that your little girl is stealing your beauty, and that’s what causes your skin problems!

Using a Pacifier

Many couples have questions about whether or not to have their baby use a pacifier. While a pacifier can keep a baby from being loud and disruptive, it could result in thumb sucking once taken away. Fortunately, there have been cases where babies don’t resort to sucking their thumb if the pacifier is taken away […]

Hairy legs myth

If your hair grows back at a more rapid speed than normal, you are going to have a boy. This would make sense because boys naturally have more hair and a more rapid hair growth compared to girls. A mother would probably think this rapid hair growth is inconvenient during a pregnancy!

Basic Babyproofing

To ensure your baby’s safety, it is important to do some baby proofing before even bringing him/her home. A baby is capable of doing more than you can imagine! He/she is also much more susceptible to getting hurt or sick. When you plan ahead for your baby to be in a danger-free zone, it takes […]

Unbelievable Baby Names

You would never think social media could have any connection with baby names, but this century proves otherwise. According to, a couple form Egypt named their baby Facebook for the revolutionary change it created in the country. Another couple named their baby Hashtag! They must be crazy for likes! This truly shows how social […]

Heart rate indicator myth

If your heart rate is under 140 beats per minute, you’re having a boy. If it’s over 140 beats per minute, you’re having a girl. This might be because girls are thought of as more needy and stressful!

Super mom stays fit

There are a lot of misconceptions about exercising while you are pregnant and the negative effects it can have on your baby such as risking a miscarriage. However doctors and physicians say that working out while pregnant can actually be a good thing. If you are active prior to pregnancy then working out could actually […]