Nursery Tips

baby nursery principal 6

As your baby gets closer to its arrival you want to make sure its little nook in your home is decorated just the way he/she (you) want! Here are some tips for getting that perfectly personalized nursery!

1) Add some personal items. Pictures of the family, a baby blanket made by grandma, and those types of things! You want the room to have that loving, one-of-a-kind feeling.

2) Pick a center piece. If your having a hard time picking a theme or color scheme try going out and finding something that you absolutely love. This can be a piece of art or a cute accent chair in the corner! Once you have this, it will be easy to base the rest of the room off of this item resulting in a cohesive set up.

3) Make sure the first thing you get is the crib. This is the most important part of the room. I know we’ve all seen many movie clips and heard many stories of the typical struggles of finding the right crib, ordering the crib, and the all-intensive crib assembly. You want to make sure you start this project as soon as possible to ensure if anything makes it in time for the baby, it’s that!

4) Next to a place for the baby to sleep, the next most important is somewhere for you to park it. A comfortable rocking chair is the next essential item for long nights of trying to get some peace and quiet for both you and your little one.

5) LOTS and lots of storage. You would be surprised how much stuff such a little person could need. And you will be surprised how much their collection will grow as they do. Make sure you have lots of storage bins and areas not only for the things you have bought in preparation, but for things you will continue to get. Like toys!