Newborn Baby Facts

newborn baby

Here are some very interesting facts about newborns:

  • They can recognize their mother’s voice and smell from birth.  It takes just a few weeks for babies to visually distinguish between their mother and other adults.
  • When babies are born, they don’t have kneecaps. They don’t develop them fully until after six months.
  • A baby’s brain will double in size in the first year of their life. A newborn baby’s brain is half the size of an adult brain.
  • Babies can’t technically cry at birth—at about three weeks, tears are able to be created and released.
  • Babies have 300 bones when they are born (adults have 206). Their extra bones fuse together during growth.
  • In a baby’s first three months of life, they can only see objects between 1-9 inches from their face. This lets them see you when you are holding them, but focus on their own hands and feet as they develop.
  • Babies have a specific cry that their mother will be able to recognize after only three days. Research shows that mother’s can pick out their child’s specific crying sound among other crying children.