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Ditch The Coffee, Energy Foods For Pregnancy

Forget the coffee, these fatigue-zapping foods will put some pep in your step. Most moms-to-be are too familiar with all-out energy drains—that exhausted feeling that breaks you down mentally to the point where the only activity you can fathom is watching TV with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. While many people turn to caffeine-laden drinks […]

Skip the Flu Shot Pregnancy Myth

The truth is just the opposite. “Flu vaccination is very important,” said Nancy Chescheir, a clinical professor of maternal/fetal medicine at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Some pregnant women worry that the vaccine might give them the flu, while others fret that preservatives in the vaccine may hurt their unborn baby. In […]

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Nursery Tips

As your baby gets closer to its arrival you want to make sure its little nook in your home is decorated just the way he/she (you) want! Here are some tips for getting that perfectly personalized nursery! 1) Add some personal items. Pictures of the family, a baby blanket made by grandma, and those types […]

newborn baby

Newborn Baby Facts

Here are some very interesting facts about newborns: They can recognize their mother’s voice and smell from birth.  It takes just a few weeks for babies to visually distinguish between their mother and other adults. When babies are born, they don’t have kneecaps. They don’t develop them fully until after six months. A baby’s brain will […]

charlotte hodges founder of principal 6 fertility

Fertility Supplement Created To Help Founder Get Pregnant

Principal 6 Fertility Supplement is now on sale. The supplement was creating by Weight-Loss Surgeon Dr. Charlotte Hodges & Her Husband, Clinical Psychologist Dr. Collins Hodges. While the supplement will be used to help other couples increase the chances of conception, the main reason initially was to help the Hodges have a baby. Here’s the Hodges […]

Pregnancy Facts

1.During pregnancy, if the mother is suffering organ damage, your baby will send stem cells to help repair the damaged organ. 2.Pregnant women at a health weight only need to eat an extra 300 calories a day 3.30% of pregnant women develop an eating disorder called PICA, which causes you to crave nonfood items 4.Pregnant […]

writing a birth plan

Write a birth plan

A birth plan is a document you create to let your medical team know your preferences and wishes. You should give your birth plan to everyone involved with the delivery. Some things to consider when writing your birth plan include: who you want present, procedures you want to avoid, what positions you prefer for labor […]

First Trimester To-Do List

A to-do list can be important, so that you can insure your baby is taken care of while you deal with all the new emotions and limitations of expecting. Compiled from Baby Center, this list gives a good breakdown of what should be done in the first trimester: 1) Take a pregnancy test 2) Take […]

The All Vital Vitamins

I’m sure you’ve beens stressed the importance of the all vital prenatal vitamins, however what are they and what are they going to do for you? Here’s a quick list of important vitamins and what they will do for your body and your baby! 1: Folic Acid is a B vitamin. It is said to […]