A Doctor's Personal Struggle with Infertility

charlotteIn 2006, Principal 6 Fertility Founder Dr. Charlotte Hodges made Dallas, Texas her home. During her fourth year of medical residency, she met her husband, Dr. Collins Hodges, a licensed clinical psychologist. Dr. Hodges was 37-years-old and two years from completing her residency when they decided to start a family. After trying for six months with no success, they turned to IVF. Then, after two unsuccessful attempts – including a miscarriage – it was confirmed that her hormones were not compatible for a successful transfer.

It was at this crossroads that the idea for Principal 6 Fertility was “birthed” (although not recognized until later). In addition to changing the regimen of injectable medications she was taking to help with egg development, her doctor suggested she take a number of different dietary supplements that had research supporting their efficacy. Upon conducting her own extensive research, Dr. Hodges’ medical background put her at a true advantage when reviewing studies specifically related to supplements that could improve fertility.

Armed with the recommendations of her fertility doctor and backed by her own research, Dr. Hodges had to go to three different sources to get the supplements she needed. In total, she took 17 pills a day and spent more than $300 each month! And, following research recommendations, she took the supplements for 90 days.

At her next IVF cycle, Dr. Hodges discovered that her egg retrieval number had increased from one to four and that all four successfully fertilized! On top of that, they were all considered high-quality embryos which was vastly different from her two previous cycles. After undergoing another retrieval cycle and a successful transfer with both frozen and fresh embryos, three high-quality embryos were transferred and one attached!

In 2015, their beautiful baby girl was born, and Dr. Hodges found inspiration in the role supplements played in increasing the quality and quantity of her embryos. Cue the inspiration for Principal 6 Fertility.

Through her extensive and scientifically-backed research, Dr. Hodges was able to identify the six key supplements supporting fertility and develop a sound product that substantially decreased not only the amount of pills taken, but reduced the overall cost by hundreds each month!

Principal 6 Fertility is developed in Dallas, Texas in a laboratory that adheres to the strictest of quality standards and uses the highest quality ingredients.

Dr. Hodges is Board Certified by the American Board of Surgery. An Advanced Laparoscopic General and Bariatric Surgeon with New You Bariatric Center in Dallas, she has performed more than 3,000 general and bariatric procedures. Dr. Hodges received her medical degree from Texas A&M University Health Science Center and completed her general surgery residency at Baylor University Medical Center. She is a member of the Texas Medical Association, American Medical Association, Dallas County Medical Society and Society of Baylor Surgeons.