One Supplement. Six core ingredients essential to supporting reproductive wellness.

How Principal 6 Supports Improved Fertility

Principal 6 Fertility Dietary Fertility Supplement

1. 5-DHEA: Improves pregnancy and live birth rates

2. CoEnzyme Q10: Improves ovarian reserve / egg numbers

3. Myo-Inositol: Improves egg quality

4. Tetra-hydrofolate: Improves embryo implantation

5. Vitamin D3: Improves IVF cycle success

6. Krill Oil: Improves ovulatory function


Inspired By Personal Experience, Doctor Approved


A Board Certified Physician and Advanced Laparoscopic General and Bariatric Surgeon with New You Bariatric Center in Dallas, Dr. Charlotte Hodges created Principal 6 Fertility out of her own personal experience with infertility. Through her extensive and scientifically-backed research, Dr. Hodges found inspiration in the role supplements can play in increasing the quality and quantity of embryos. She identified the six key supplements supporting fertility and developed a sound product that substantially decreased the amount of pills taken (she was taking 17 each day which required travel to 3 different stores), and reduced her overall spend by more than $300 per month. Principal 6 Fertility is developed in Dallas, Texas in a laboratory that follows the strictest of standards and uses the highest quality ingredients.


This product was “birthed” from my own personal experience with infertility. I am proud to have a supplement that I can share with so many whose dream is to start their own family. 

Charlotte SignatureCharlotte Hodges, MD