Principal 6 Fertility Dietary Fertility Supplement

The only comprehensive fertility supplement on the market that is based in science!

How Principal 6 Improves Fertility

Principal 6 Fertility Dietary Fertility Supplement

Our 6 key ingredients to improving fertility:

1. 5-DHEA Improves pregnancy and live birth rates

2. CoEnzyme Q10 Improves ovarian reserve / egg numbers

3. Myo-Inositol Improves egg quality

4. Tetra-hydrofolate Improves embryo implantation

5. Vitamin D3 Improves IVF cycle success

6. Krill Oil Improves ovulatory function


Created by Dr. Hodges, Principal 6 Fertility is a comprehensive formulation based on years of scientific research in reproductive medicine. Learn More…

Dr. Charlotte Hodges – Founder

charlotteI was 37 when my husband and I decided to start a family. I was two years out from finishing residency and things were great. We tried for 6 months and with no success we were referred to a wonderful fertility doctor. After completing our testing, my doctor recommended that we try IVF. We started in Oct 2013, and had a successful IVF cycle. We were so excited! We only had three embyros that successfully fertilized and of those only one was transferred. Two weeks later we were pregnant and overjoyed! Then, we went in for our first set of labs 48 hours later, and my hormone levels were declining and we lost the pregnancy. We were reassured that this was common and not to lose heart. So we didn’t – but it was tough.
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